CrystalShell * Whelk Shell Fossil with Scallop Fossil Friend *

CrystalShell * Whelk Shell Fossil with Scallop Fossil Friend *


CrystalShell * Whelk Shell Fossil with Scallop Fossil Friend * This beautiful whelk seasehell is engrossed with calcite crystals and has a mass of partial bits of seashells, including a large piece of a scallop. The shell is actually a golden, rusty, yellow but the calcite crystals have grown all around the shell making it look sort of white. In the early stages of this fossils creation I believe these outside cyrstals where pointy like the ones on the inside but its life in the Ocean has caused them to smooth out over the service of the shell so now it sparkles all over in the sun. The hole you see naturally formed and I believe a huge crystal chunk was there and for what ever reason busted through right there ** It is hard to capture the crystals on the inside but there are clusters of tiny calcite crystals all along the center spiral but it’s truly a mystical sight to see. Knowing you are holding a seashell that was once alive thousands of years and this one lived a nice long life to get to be so big and now it has turned into a magical crystal treasure.

**Disclaimer I am not a Geologist and only know things about the Ocean based on my own research, explorations and experiances and do not know everything about whats going on here. I could be wrong with some of the specific details but overall, I try my hardest to be as accurate and knowledgable as I can be.

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I am a beachcomber. I walk the shores everyday, sometimes twice or three times a day. As I walk along I pick up an unbelievable about of trash but in between all that rubish lies treasures waiting to be discovered. If I find something that I am unfamiliar with I will usually take it home (as long as it doesn’t smell too awful) and research it origins. I am always learning new things and expanding my knowledge of the Ocean. I am not a professional at anything except walking the beach so I might not have all the details exactly right but I do my best to provide you with incredile gifts from the sea.